Our Work - הפורום הישראלי למשפט וחירות

הצטרפו אלינו

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Our Work

The Forum initiates and runs a variety of activities for the broader Israeli legal community, as well as for law students. Activities include:

  • Encouraging the establishment of student chapters in Israeli law schools. Student chapters host debates between prominent public figures and legal academics, alongside other activities within the student body.
  • Public events, including debates, interviews, and conversations with prominent legal figures.
  • A Forum digital magazine, featuring in-depth longform essays on contemporary issues in Israeli law.
  • An annual summer seminar aimed at 20 of Israel’s top law students and including an exclusive and diverse array of lecturers drawn from Israeli academia and public life.
  • An ever-expanding library of texts relating to law and society offered for the purposes of study and enrichment.
  • Legal podcasts in Hebrew and English.

The Forum is not a policy institute and does not publish its own policy research or position papers, though it may offer a platform to work done by individuals or organizations in the field. The Forum is not a lobbying organization and does not promote any policies to government bodies. The Forum does not participate in amicus briefs.